Broadway Reacts to Election 2016

As I wrote about earlier this semester, Broadway took a strong interest in this year’s presidential election.

Tuesday morning as the members of the theater community took to the polls they also heavily encouraged their followers to get out and vote too.

The majority of the Broadway community was voting in support of Hillary Clinton so as the night progressed many began to take a different tone on what was going on.

And now in the days following the election Broadway has been encouraging love and compassion.

Despite the fact that much of Broadway is still hurting now, the show(s) must continue to go on.



One thought on “Broadway Reacts to Election 2016”

  1. There is great reactions in this post. You get a really good feel for the community with this post. I think more of your commentary could have helped string the post together. Maybe a closer comparison of the feelings before and after the election could have helped add your voice a little more.


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