Hamilton Mixtape: An Attempt for Broadway to go Pop

Today begins the first day of preorders for the Hamilton Mixtape. Hamilton originally began as a series of songs, not a musical and almost simultaneously Lin-Manuel Miranda has been working on the creation of the mixtape alongside the show. With talent from The Roots to Jimmy Fallon and Usher, the mixtape is bound to be a treat for all fans.

The pre-order comes with two songs already released.

Fans already cant wait until December 2 when the full album is released.

Miranda announced that the mixtape was finished a tweet, true to his brand.

The first two songs, My Shot and It’s Quiet Uptown are already on Spotify for fans that don’t have the money to pre-order the album to listen to.






One thought on “Hamilton Mixtape: An Attempt for Broadway to go Pop”

  1. I like that you included a Spotify playlist and so many social media posts to tap into the community both within the Broadway world and the fan base. I really enjoyed the music from Hamilton and I don’t have a background in Broadway, so I think the headline was fitting and you backed it up.


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