Down the Rabbit Hole: Tumblr and Broadway

Tumblr offers everyone the ability to post about all of their favorite things almost instantaneously and for some, that thing is Broadway.

Some love Tuck Everlasting, a show that only ran for 39 performances, with such fervor that one has to believe that the show is still running. Just a search of Tuck Everlasting offers over 40 blogs devoted to that particular fandom. More blogs devoted to the show than performances run. Due to its limited engagement on Broadway, most of Tuck’s biggest fans have never seen the show in person but have watched a bootleg version of the show online.

These fans often rally behind everything from a well shot behind the scenes video to a terrible bootleg where you can only kind of see the actors. Gif sets are made and fan fiction is written about these characters that are only supposed to live in their universe.

Tumblr allows a kind of community for Broadway fans that Twitter can’t even begin to match. On Tumblr, it’s easier for you to share all kinds of content for all of your favorite musicals than Twitter. The other wonderful thing on Tumblr is the fact that most users go by a blog handle that has something to do with their favorite things and are for the most part, relatively anonymous.

Some Hamilton superfans and wonderful artists connected over Tumblr to create #Ham4Pamphlet, a book with an illustration for each of the 46 songs in the Hamilton soundtrack.

Personally, I use Tumblr and have used it for almost 6 years, as a place where I can save and share things that I love at that moment in my life. My Tumblr has changed a lot in the past 6 years but there has always been some musical theater hidden amongst all of the posting.


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