Why Hamilton is Important to Me

As per what the title suggests this post is going to be a little bit more personal than my other posts so far.

My first experience with Hamilton was viewing this exact video on the day of the show’s opening at the Paper Mill Playhouse on February 17, 2015


After which I sent this text message to my friends.


Clearly, I thought it was the most stupid idea for a musical ever.

Fast-forward almost a year and I decided to download the cast album after seeing a lot of Hamilton on my Tumblr feed. Upon listening to the titular song, Alexander Hamilton, I wasn’t really all that impressed. It was when I listened to The Schuyler Sisters that I started to feel the deep pull of falling in love.

I went home the weekend after downloading it and listened to only the cast album on the way. Immediately upon my arrival to my best friend’s house, I put it on and said please love this I need someone also to be in love with the thing. It wasn’t until the middle of the next week that she told me she loved it.

Since I’ve fallen in love I’ve converted at least 3 hard core Hamilton fans and probably 10 or so casual Hamilton fans.

As for why I love the thing so much-I’m never really sure how to answer that question. Perhaps the thing I love the most about Hamilton is the fact that if the Alexander Hamilton portrayed in the musical, was an actual person alive right now, he would be doing what I’m doing. He’d be an outspoken young person with a blog telling the world how they should be fixing the problems we’re facing. But even better than picturing Hamilton alive angrily typing away on a laptop is watching all of the female relationships blossom on stage. Hamilton differs from many other musicals by the addition of multiple strong, smart, and confident female leads all of who are unapologetically themselves.

I’m not foreseeing my love of Hamilton ending anytime soon (a sad fact for anyone who rides in my car) and am more than excited for the premiere of Hamilton’s America tonight on PBS at 9.


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