Rocky Horror Timewarps Again

Tonight at 8 fans will be tuning into Fox to watch their newest musical brought to the small screen Rocky Horror.

The show already differs from most adaptations of the 1975 cult classic because it will be a pre-taped version of the show and not a live production. It’s also a deviation from the standard practice of going to the movie theater and getting to enjoy the entire community based around Rocky Horror. Those watching the show for the first time tonight won’t be able to have the experience of strangers screaming at the performers.

In typical productions of the show, the audience is as much a character as the performers themselves. Playbill put together a list of some of the tamer callouts to help those who aren’t familiar, however; if someone doesn’t know the callouts exist at all they’re going to miss out.

Most fans are excited but skeptical that tonight’s show will be anything special.

Tonight’s production certainly has big heels to fill to become a cult classic like the original. Most critics are already reporting that fans are likely to be disappointed with tonight’s show.


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