Why the She Loves Me Livestream Mattered

For theater lovers outside of New York, the ability to watch shows was limited to the ability to get to the city and purchase tickets. Thankfully, someone decided to use the Internet to fix that problem. Broadway HD is a new streaming service from a couple of acclaimed Broadway producers.

The service, created by Tony-winning producers Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley is offering a full library of theatrical performances available for individual rental—two nights for $8—and monthly and yearly subscription access.

On June 30, Roundabout Theatre Company’s hit musical, She Loves Me, was broadcast live on Broadway HD making it the first musical to ever be live streamed. Fans were able to watch the stream for $9.99.

Fans loved the opportunity to get to see the show before it closed.

Justin at JustinTheatreReviews reviewed the actual content of the stream here.



Hopefully, in the coming time, more musicals will follow in the footsteps of She Loves Me and embrace the internet and possibility of streaming more shows as they appear on Broadway.



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