In Tonight’s Performance : The Understudy

Sometimes when you get to your seat and open your Playbill a little white slip of paper falls out. This white slip is used to let theatergoers know an understudy will be covering a role in this performance. In the age of Twitter, most people don’t have to wait to find out when an understudy is going on thanks to an account dedicated to Broadway Understudies.

Wednesday however, Producer Cameron Mackintosh issued a memo asking understudy and standby performers in all his U.K. and touring shows to stop posting their upcoming schedules on social media.

This memo has led to some backlash from fans and stars alike.

Understudies, swings, and standbys are some of the most hard-working performers on Broadway.

It’s important that in the rare event that they get to go on their fans are given notice to try to see them.

Andrew Chappelle, who covers multiple roles (or tracks) in the Tony-winning musical Hamilton, has nearly 36,000 followers on Twitter and often tweets/snapchats to let fans know if he’s going on that night.

For more information on swings/understudies/standbys check out this Playbill article that helps describe what each role does.



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