Due to the popularity of Hamilton and how hard it is to get tickets the creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda decided that the fans needed a fair way to try to get in the room where it happens. The ticket lottery, lovingly called Ham4Ham, is a brand new breed of Broadway lottery. The premise is simple: arrive at the Richard Rodgers and enter your name in a bucket for a chance to win a $10 front row seat to that night’s show.

Where Hamilton differs from other lottery systems is the addition of what they call the Ham4Ham lottery show where Miranda and other actors come out and perform 3-minute segments. The shows happened before the second show of a two-show day and on special occasions.

Wednesday, August 31 marked the last day of regular Ham4Ham shows, approximately a year after they started. The shows started two days after the broadway previews started in July 2015. The first Ham4Ham recreated a rap promo Miranda did with fellow cast member Jonathan Groff in 2008.

Not only did Ham4ham utilize the cast and crew of Hamilton, Miranda also made a point to utilize local artists like ____ he made sure to include other broadway competition like Aladdin and On Your Feet.

For the last Ham4Ham, Miranda contacted the new host Rory O’Malley and requested a performance of a cut song from Hamilton.

So congratulations to Hamilton for upping the broadway lottery system and congratulations on such a long run of wonderful performances.


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