A Look at the Emsemble

Almost every good musical has an ensemble, a group of fellow actors to help the main characters get where they need to be. These other 10 blogs will help to inform the main character, me, on what is happening on Broadway right now.

  1. NewMusicalTheatre.com-Although their blog hasn’t been updated in a few months New Musical Theater.com still has a very active facebook page that highlights new modern musicals.
  2. Broadway and Me-This blog offers a great, personal view on new musicals and plays and will help me learn more about shows that I can’t see.
  3. Broadway World-This blog has a cool industry spotlight where they break down the numbers week by week of various shows.
  4. Cara-Joy David-David offers great insight into actors themselves along with reviews on what their shows are like.
  5. Act Three-The Reviews-This blog provides reviews on plays and musicals that are new to Broadway. Reading reviews is very important for someone who can’t actually go see every show as it opens.
  6. The New York Times-Keeping in the theme with knowing the Broadway news as it happens, following along with the Arts Beat for The New York Times will be incredibly helpful.
  7. The Producer’s Perspective-This blog provides an interesting look at how musicals get made from behind the scenes.
  8. Contemporary Musical Theater.com Blog-This blog provides some great insight into how to get hired on Broadway and how that side of musicals work.
  9. “Up in the Cheap Seats”-This blog takes a look at theater’s past and present together.
  10. Playbill.com-You can’t be an informed Broadway citizen without utilizing Playbill.com. Playbill offers news as well as reviews and highlights for upcoming performances.

So there’s a quick look at who the supporting cast of our musical is, let’s hope they inform both the main character and the audience well.


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