One of the biggest challenges in a Broadway fan’s life used to be getting to see the person behind their favorite character. Thanks to one of Broadway’s biggest news outlets that struggle has been lessened. Starting around 4 years ago has given a camera to actors in a wide variety of shows and told them to just record. This inside the theater access is unparalleled in its inclusively. Most vlog series run for 8 weeks or 8 episodes (sometimes the actors are too busy to turn in their footage one week).

The longest running vlog series to date was ‘Hey Kid: Backstage at “If/Then” with James Snyder’ at 24 episodes, with most being over 10 minutes long. The biggest thing that Hey Kid was successful at was transforming these on stage powerhouse people into normal people who work with their friends. Almost every episode, Snyder and friends would answer questions from twitter while just sitting in his dressing room eating snacks.

Not only are vlogs a great way to meet the actors behind your favorite character, they provide a look into how some costumes and sets are designed and work. In episode 1 of The Princess Diary: Backstage at “Cinderella” with Laura Osnes, Osnes takes the camera with her to a fitting of all of her costumes including the white Cinderella ball gown.

Another notable vlog series is ‘Vlog of Purple Summer: Backstage at SPRING AWAKENING with Andy Mientus’. This vlog series took place at Deaf West’s production of Spring Awakening, which became the first musical on Broadway to include American Sign Language with deaf and handicapped actors. The last episode of the series was done entirely in ASL.

If you’re looking for more great vlogs to watch check out’s top 7 list.

Mary-Margret Annab at said it best when she said,

“One of the most important parts of theatre is that it is impactful, no matter the story you’re telling, and video blogs offer a way to make that impact felt all over the world. They connect theatre lovers everywhere and remind all of us dreamers that although the road to professional theatre is hard, it is not impossible.”

Not only have the vlogs become a great way for the actors to get themselves out in the public eye, they’ve become a great location for fans to discuss their favorite shows/songs/characters/etc. in the comments.


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