What Shows Were Featured at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

For my last post this semester I thought I would stray a little from Broadway and talk about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year marked the 90th annual parade and included many performances from Broadway shows and actors alike.

The parade included a performance from Waitress a new musical from the mind of Sara Bareilles.


It also featured the revival of cats.


It also featured the winner of the 2016 Tony for Best Revival of a Musical, The Color Purple.


NBC also made sure to advertise Hairspray Live during their coverage of the Parade.


Paramour, a musical put on by Cirque du Soleil was also featured in the parade.


Holiday Inn was also given a performance spot during the parade.


If this year’s performances weren’t enough for your Broadway bug Playbill.com has compiled a list of performances through the decades for you to watch.


I was also in this year’s parade with the WVU Marching Band!




Broadway Takes the #MannequinChallenge

The popular viral sensation, the Mannequin Challenge, has made its way to Broadway. Teenagers from Florida started off the viral movement last month and most clips have the music by Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles featuring Gucci Mane playing in the background.
Fans have loved getting to see this goofy side of their favorite performers.

Perhaps the group with the largest fan reaction was, of course, the cast of Hamilton who recorded theirs as a #Ham4Ham.

Another group that participated was Broadway Cares.

Another group with a large production value added to their challenge was the Cast and Crew behind Hairspray Live!.

The last fan-favorite show that has participated (thus far) was the cast and crew over at Aladdin.

As the fan reactions continue to roll in it will be interesting to see if more shows jump on board and complete the trend.

Broadway Reacts to Election 2016

As I wrote about earlier this semester, Broadway took a strong interest in this year’s presidential election.

Tuesday morning as the members of the theater community took to the polls they also heavily encouraged their followers to get out and vote too.

The majority of the Broadway community was voting in support of Hillary Clinton so as the night progressed many began to take a different tone on what was going on.

And now in the days following the election Broadway has been encouraging love and compassion.

Despite the fact that much of Broadway is still hurting now, the show(s) must continue to go on.


Hamilton Mixtape: An Attempt for Broadway to go Pop

Today begins the first day of preorders for the Hamilton Mixtape. Hamilton originally began as a series of songs, not a musical and almost simultaneously Lin-Manuel Miranda has been working on the creation of the mixtape alongside the show. With talent from The Roots to Jimmy Fallon and Usher, the mixtape is bound to be a treat for all fans.

The pre-order comes with two songs already released.

Fans already cant wait until December 2 when the full album is released.

Miranda announced that the mixtape was finished a tweet, true to his brand.

The first two songs, My Shot and It’s Quiet Uptown are already on Spotify for fans that don’t have the money to pre-order the album to listen to.





Down the Rabbit Hole: Tumblr and Broadway

Tumblr offers everyone the ability to post about all of their favorite things almost instantaneously and for some, that thing is Broadway.

Some love Tuck Everlasting, a show that only ran for 39 performances, with such fervor that one has to believe that the show is still running. Just a search of Tuck Everlasting offers over 40 blogs devoted to that particular fandom. More blogs devoted to the show than performances run. Due to its limited engagement on Broadway, most of Tuck’s biggest fans have never seen the show in person but have watched a bootleg version of the show online.

These fans often rally behind everything from a well shot behind the scenes video to a terrible bootleg where you can only kind of see the actors. Gif sets are made and fan fiction is written about these characters that are only supposed to live in their universe.

Tumblr allows a kind of community for Broadway fans that Twitter can’t even begin to match. On Tumblr, it’s easier for you to share all kinds of content for all of your favorite musicals than Twitter. The other wonderful thing on Tumblr is the fact that most users go by a blog handle that has something to do with their favorite things and are for the most part, relatively anonymous.

Some Hamilton superfans and wonderful artists connected over Tumblr to create #Ham4Pamphlet, a book with an illustration for each of the 46 songs in the Hamilton soundtrack.

Personally, I use Tumblr and have used it for almost 6 years, as a place where I can save and share things that I love at that moment in my life. My Tumblr has changed a lot in the past 6 years but there has always been some musical theater hidden amongst all of the posting.

Why Hamilton is Important to Me

As per what the title suggests this post is going to be a little bit more personal than my other posts so far.

My first experience with Hamilton was viewing this exact video on the day of the show’s opening at the Paper Mill Playhouse on February 17, 2015


After which I sent this text message to my friends.


Clearly, I thought it was the most stupid idea for a musical ever.

Fast-forward almost a year and I decided to download the cast album after seeing a lot of Hamilton on my Tumblr feed. Upon listening to the titular song, Alexander Hamilton, I wasn’t really all that impressed. It was when I listened to The Schuyler Sisters that I started to feel the deep pull of falling in love.

I went home the weekend after downloading it and listened to only the cast album on the way. Immediately upon my arrival to my best friend’s house, I put it on and said please love this I need someone also to be in love with the thing. It wasn’t until the middle of the next week that she told me she loved it.

Since I’ve fallen in love I’ve converted at least 3 hard core Hamilton fans and probably 10 or so casual Hamilton fans.

As for why I love the thing so much-I’m never really sure how to answer that question. Perhaps the thing I love the most about Hamilton is the fact that if the Alexander Hamilton portrayed in the musical, was an actual person alive right now, he would be doing what I’m doing. He’d be an outspoken young person with a blog telling the world how they should be fixing the problems we’re facing. But even better than picturing Hamilton alive angrily typing away on a laptop is watching all of the female relationships blossom on stage. Hamilton differs from many other musicals by the addition of multiple strong, smart, and confident female leads all of who are unapologetically themselves.

I’m not foreseeing my love of Hamilton ending anytime soon (a sad fact for anyone who rides in my car) and am more than excited for the premiere of Hamilton’s America tonight on PBS at 9.

Rocky Horror Timewarps Again

Tonight at 8 fans will be tuning into Fox to watch their newest musical brought to the small screen Rocky Horror.

The show already differs from most adaptations of the 1975 cult classic because it will be a pre-taped version of the show and not a live production. It’s also a deviation from the standard practice of going to the movie theater and getting to enjoy the entire community based around Rocky Horror. Those watching the show for the first time tonight won’t be able to have the experience of strangers screaming at the performers.

In typical productions of the show, the audience is as much a character as the performers themselves. Playbill put together a list of some of the tamer callouts to help those who aren’t familiar, however; if someone doesn’t know the callouts exist at all they’re going to miss out.

Most fans are excited but skeptical that tonight’s show will be anything special.

Tonight’s production certainly has big heels to fill to become a cult classic like the original. Most critics are already reporting that fans are likely to be disappointed with tonight’s show.